Saturday, April 26, 2008

1,760!!!! WE MADE IT!!!

...and for what it's worth, you actually can't go to the very, very, very southermost point in Europe because, as it turns out, the the very, very, very southermost point in Europe is actually military territory and they don't take it very well if you leave your bike there and take photos. I'm just sayin'.

So that's it: it's taken care of. It's not entirely finished yet, because I need to go back and re-sticker certain sections and take a look at other alternatives. But the ride is over, we made it safe and sound, and with the weather forecast looking good for the next couple of days, I think I'm gonna do some Tarifa-ing (i.e. park my carcass on the beach and do as little as humanly possible until it either rains or I have to go to Madrid.)

I'm not sure of what it should feel like to have done something like this. I'm not physically tired, really (although I'm glad to have a couple of days off the bike so that my hands can recuperate) but I'm not ready to go back to Madrid just yet. Mom asked me the other night if I was planning to ride back to Madrid; I said "no way", but it would be great to have the chance to try to make it back a different way. I just don't want to go back to my "normal" life yet. I don't want to have to deal with whiny students, traffic, the Metro, having to move in June, the bank, the internet provider....I just want to keep on riding, numb hands and headwinds notwithstanding....


Romelle said...

I want to thank you for the blog. Loved it, and love your writing style. Felt like I was there, or you were just talking to me. What a grand adventure!

As Randy's mother, I especially appreciated knowing how things were going. I know he had a wonderful time!!

Romelle Castle
"Once a mother, always a mother".

Alana Moceri said...

Congratulations Dawn! What an adventure-you go girl! See you when you decide to come back to Madrid ;-)